Are you looking to move? If yes, then you need to consider all the hidden costs before coming up with a budget. At Philly’s Best Moving Deals, we help you find cheap movers and great relocation deals. In addition to helping you find an affordable service, we also help you find ways to save on your upcoming move. Get your move started on the right foot by avoiding these hidden moving costs:

1. Not Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Research shows that getting your security deposit is not always a guarantee. This is because you could have impaired your house by putting holes on the walls, making it tedious to repair. After residing in a place for long, you might not be able to tell the amount of damage you have done to your space.

All the damage will require a lot of money to repair, and the amount might even surpass your security deposit. Additionally, many landlords will look for a reason not to give back the security deposit.

2. Packing Supplies Whereby You Do Your Packing

It is recommended that you let the movers pack for you to ensure professional packing and moving. But since it is expensive, you might decide to do your packing, and this comes with some hidden costs. You will need to buy supplies such as tape, boxes, and bubble wrap.

These things can add up very fast and being cheap can end up being more expensive. Therefore, get better quality supplies to protect your items better.

3. Buying Moving Insurance

Professional movers exercise a high degree of care when handling your goods. However, things can always break and getting insurance can be helpful. Most moving companies provide insurance options, and you can choose the best one for you based on the value and amount of your items.

4. Stair Fees

When moving to a building that lacks an elevator, you might have to incur stair fees. A majority of moving companies will charge you extra cost to lug your things up a stairwell.

When your new building has a faulty elevator on the moving day, you will have to incur this cost.

5. Boarding Pets

Moving locally with pets that are anxious can cause you to move at night. This will remove your pet out of your way and remove some of the stresses of moving.

However, it can be expensive to board a pet, even for a night.

6. Paying Additional Movers for High-Value Items

Where you are moving, and you own valuable items such as artwork or decorative pieces like mirrors, you will need professionals who have been trained to handle such items. These professional possess the means to package the items individually instead of just putting them in cardboard boxes.

However, some moving firms have departments that handle this particular cases. But if your mover does not have this department, you will need to hire another specialized mover. It will be expensive but cheaper than replacing a valuable painting.

7. Cost of Moving Massive Items

Most professional movers will visit your place to see the number of items you need to be moved. This helps them to know the particular things you will be packing for transport. If they fail to inspect your house before moving, you might incur this additional fees on the moving day.

In case you possess particular large items like a piano, big armoire, or pool table, be sure to inform your mover in advance.

Moving can be expensive where careful planning has not be done. You need to note the hidden costs so that you can budget and have a smooth moving process. For more help with your move, contact Philly’s Best Moving Deals today!